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How to define ENUM in SQL Server 2005?

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Does SQL Server 2005 have an equivalent to MySql’s ENUM data type?

Is there any way to define ENUM in SQL Server 2005?

I have fixed values which I need to use in procedures and functions.

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Use one or more scalar UDFs?

One per constant:

  • dbo.CONST_Bicycle returns 1
  • dbo.CONST_Car returns 2

One per enum:

  • dbo.CONST_Types('Bicycle') returns 1
  • dbo.CONST_Types('Car') returns 2

Or use a table with ID, Name per enum

Use a client side enum to match this (perhaps with validation against the table solution)

There is no quick or clean way to do this like there is in .net (as per your comment).

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