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Javascript Question

Stopping fixed position scrolling at a certain point?

I have an element that is position:fixed and so scrolls with the page how i want it to however. when the user scrolls up I want the element to stop scrolling at a certain point, say when it is 250px from the top of the page, is this possible? Any help or advice would be helpful thanks!

I had a feeling that I would need to use jquery to do so. I tried getting the scrolling or location of the where the user is but got really confused, is there any jquery solutions?

Answer Source

Here's a quick jQuery plugin I just wrote that can do what you require:

$.fn.followTo = function (pos) {
    var $this = this,
        $window = $(window);

    $window.scroll(function (e) {
        if ($window.scrollTop() > pos) {
                position: 'absolute',
                top: pos
        } else {
                position: 'fixed',
                top: 0


See working example →

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