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C Question

Translate C program to other programming languages

I am trying to translate a C program. The destination language doesn't really matter, I am just trying to understand what every single part of the program is doing.

I cannot find any detail about:


I understand that this is a loop and that is true (I have read similar questions on stack overflow where a code was actually executed) but in this case there is no code related to this while. So I am wondering, is the program "sleeping" - while this while is executing?

Then, another part I don't understand is:


I believe that value should be 24bits but is this really needed in any other programming language that is not low level as C?

Many thanks

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while(variable); implements a spin-lock; i.e. this thread will remain at this statement until variable is 0. I've introduced the term to help you search for a good technique in your new language.

It obviously burns the CPU, but can be quite an efficient way of doing this if only used for a few clock cycles. For it to work well, variable needs to be qualified with volatile.

variable = variable ^ 0x800000; is an XOR operation, actually a single bit toggle in this case. (I would have preferred to see variable ^= 0x800000 in multi-threaded code.) Its exact use is probably explainable from its context. Note that the arguments of the XOR are promoted to int if they are smaller than that. It's doubtful that variable^0x800000 is a 24 bit type unless int is that size on your platform (unlikely but possible).

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