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AppleScript Question

Detect battery percentage with applescript

How would I detect what my computer's battery percentage is at and set it to a variable using applescript? All answers to similar questions say to install additional software, but I would like to do this with purely applescript. Is this possible? I've also tried searching through the applescript library with no success.

Answer Source
on run
    set theBattString to (do shell script "pmset -g batt")
    -- the above will return something like...
    -- Now drawing from 'Battery Power' -InternalBattery-0  82%; discharging; 4:06 remaining
end run

Now you can parse theBattString to get the information you'd like from it.

Another option...

on run
    do shell script "ioreg -l | grep -i capacity | tr '\\n' ' | ' | awk '{printf(\"%.2f%%\\n\", $10/$5 * 100)}'"
    -- will output...
    -- 79.63%
end run
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