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How to get scroll position from GridView?

I am trying to build my own grid view functions - extending on the

The only thing I cannot solve is how to get the current scroll position of the

does always return 0, and the
's parameters are just a range of visible child views, not the actual scroll position.

This does not seem very difficult, but I just can't find a solution in the web.

Anybody here who have an idea?

Answer Source

I did not find any good solution, but this one is at least able to maintain the scroll position kind of pixel-perfectly:

int offset = (int)(<your vertical spacing in dp> * getResources().getDisplayMetrics().density); 
int index = mGrid.getFirstVisiblePosition();
final View first = container.getChildAt(0);
if (null != first) {
    offset -= first.getTop();

// Destroy the position through rotation or whatever here!

mGrid.scrollBy(0, offset);

By that you can not get an absolute scroll position, but a visible item + displacement pair.


  • This is meant for API 8+.
  • You can get with mGrid.getVerticalSpacing() in API 16+.
  • You can use mGrid.smoothScrollToPositionFromTop(index, offset) in API 11+ instead of the last two lines.

Hope that helps and gives you an idea.

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