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Perl Question

Print current directory using Perl

I have this code to print the current directory using Perl:

use Cwd qw(abs_path);
my $path = abs_path($0);
print "$path\n";

But it is displaying the filename of my script along with the directory.

Like this:


I want it only to display

How can I do it?

Answer Source

The following get the script's directory, which is not the same as the current directory. It's not clear which one you want.

use Cwd            qw( abs_path );
use File::Basename qw( dirname );

say dirname(abs_path($0));


use Path::Class qw( file );

say file($0)->absolute->dir;


use Cwd         qw( abs_path );
use Path::Class qw( file );

say file(abs_path($0))->dir;

The middle one handles symlinks different than the other two, I believe.

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