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Automatically adjusting process priorities under Linux

I'm trying to write a program that automatically sets process priorities based on a configuration file (basically path - priority pairs).

I thought the best solution would be a kernel module that replaces the execve() system call. Too bad, the system call table isn't exported in kernel versions > 2.6.0, so it's not possible to replace system calls without really ugly hacks.

I do not want to do the following:

-Replace binaries with shell scripts, that start and renice the binaries.
-Patch/recompile my stock Ubuntu kernel
-Do ugly hacks like reading kernel executable memory and guessing the syscall table location
-Polling of running processes

I really want to be:

-Able to control the priority of any process based on it's executable path, and a configuration file. Rules apply to any user.

Does anyone of you have any ideas on how to complete this task?

Answer Source

If you've settled for a polling solution, most of the features you want to implement already exist in the Automatic Nice Daemon. You can configure nice levels for processes based on process name, user and group. It's even possible to adjust process priorities dynamically based on how much CPU time it has used so far.

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