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Seeding objects with datetime Rails

I'm trying to seed multiple files to my rails app to test the page structure, and one of the attributes is a datetime stamp. However, I can't figure out how to seed this field. I've tried created_at, but it's not recognized. I couldn't find an example in the ruby docs or railscast, unfortunately.

Any idea how to go about doing this? Thanks

12.times { Post.create(title: 'pellentesque', body: 'Lorem ut vehicula', postnumber: '1', date: created_at, image_url: '') }

Answer Source

The variable passed to date: needs to be a date or time object:

some_date = 4.days.ago

12.times do 
    title: 'pellentesque', 
    body: 'Lorem ut vehicula', 
    postnumber: '1', 
    date: some_date, # some_date passed to date attribute
    image_url: ''
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