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JSON Question

write pandas data frame to a json file

I have a small data frame and want to convert to json file. I want the json file to be in a nice format (with indents etc). Also, I want one of the columns of the data frame to be the key to the json data. Here is an example:

input dataframe:

start_date Nums ID tag
51 2016-03-13 3110 2 787623
55 2016-03-17 676754 1 787623

Desired output format of json: [note: the indices 51 and 55 are gone, the tag value 78723 has become the 'key']. The below desired

"787623": [{
"start_date": "2016-03-13",
"Nums": "3110",
"ID": "2"
}, {
"start_date": "2016-03-17",
"Nums": "676754",
"ID": "1"

Currently, I am doing a simple
df.to_json(jsonFile, date_format = 'iso', orient = 'records')
which yields a more compact json file like this:


But, I like the nicely formatted style.

any help is appreciated.

Answer Source

The DataFrame.to_dict() method has a lot of options for how the dictionary is laid out. Then you can use the indent option in the json module functions to create the nicely formatted string.


for tag,group in df.set_index('tag').groupby(level='tag'):


 "787623": [
   "ID": 2,
   "Nums": 3110,
   "start_date": "2016-03-13"
   "ID": 1,
   "Nums": 676754,
   "start_date": "2016-03-17"

If you didn't have duplicate entries in the tag field, a one-liner would work.

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