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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to set the maxAllowedContentLength to 500MB while running on IIS7?

I changed the maxAllowedContentLength to

<requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="5024000000" />

In my web.config, but when running on IIS7 I get this error:

The 'maxAllowedContentLength' attribute is invalid. Not a valid unsigned integer

but when I run in the VS server it run normally without any errors.

How to config my website to allow upload files with 500MB size, without this problem on IIS7?

Answer Source

According to MSDN maxAllowedContentLength has type uint, its maximum value is 4,294,967,295 bytes = 3,99 gb

So it should work fine.

See also Request Limits article. Does IIS return one of these errors when the appropriate section is not configured at all?

See also: Maximum request length exceeded

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