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Bash Variable Syntax Issue

I'm having some trouble formatting the first line in this bash script I'm trying to work on, which is supposed to look for a #Server line in a file and then print $newip on the line below it.

Ideally, I want the $newip to look something like this:

route net_gateway

But when I try to run the script, something is going wrong, because all I get is this:

awk: fatal: cannot open file `' for reading (No such file or directory)

Here is my full bash script:

newip="route $(dig +short | (head -n1 && tail -n1)) net_gateway"
awk -v newip=$newip '{
if($1 == "#Server"){
l = NR;
print $0
else if(l>0 && NR == l+1){
print $newip
else if(l==0 || NR != l+2){
print $0
}' serverip > serverip.tmp

mv -f serverip.tmp serverip

(By the way, if your wondering what this script is for, it will eventually be used to add an exception for a certain website for my OpenVpn config)

I know it is something stupid like adding an extra set of quotes or parenthesis in the first line, but I can't figure out what to do.

Answer Source

You'll need to put double quotes around the reference to newip in the awk command line:

awk -v newip="$newip" '{ … }' serverip > serverip.tmp

Now newip is a 4-word variable value in the awk script, which can be printed as you show.

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