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Javascript Question

What is "undefined x 1" in JavaScript?

I'm doing some small experiments based on this blog entry.

I am doing this research in Google Chrome's debugger and here comes the hard part.

What the heck is this?!

I get the fact that I can't delete local variables (since they are not object attributes). I get that I can 'read out' all of the parameters passed to a function from the array called 'arguments'. I even get it that I can't delete and array's element, only achieve to have

have a value of undefined.

Can somebody explain to me what
undefined x 1
means on the embedded image?

And when I overwrite the function
to return the
, then I get the usual and 'normal' undefined.

This is only an experiment, but seems interresting, does anybody know what
undefined x 1
refers to?

Answer Source

That seems to be Chrome's new way of displaying uninitialized indexes in arrays (and array-like objects):

> Array(100)
[undefined × 100]

Which is certainly better than printing [undefined, undefined, undefined,...] or however it was before.

Although, if there is only one undefined value, they could drop the x 1.

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