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Is it possible to migrate from cucumber-jvm to QAF?

we already have automated testcases using cucumber-gherkin feature files with WebDriver.
Right now we are able to execute feature files parallel, however we are not able to execute parallel at scenario/scenario outline level.
By this way we want to minimize the execution time and utilize the cloud service at maximum level.

I read this post, which claims

one can run gherkin as QAF scenario so it will have features like run
configuration, reporting, parallel execution, step listener


Before migrating, I want to know if anybody has tried or know any limitation as our test bed is very large.

Answer Source

Yes, with QMetry Automation Framework you can execute parallel at scenario/scenario outline level with without any change in your feature files.

If you have used any cucumber hooks it will not work. For that you can provide TestNG listener to achieve the same goal. You will get more listener support from TestNG and QAF listeners which may not be achievable with cucumber hooks.

Another difference, which in fact not a limitation, is For execution instead of --tag you need to use TestNG groups filter and provide your tags as group. For Example:

        <exclude name="@MyTag" />

Go ahead and give it try without any fear. For quick evaluation, you can download example and check. While using cucumber you will get many more features with QAF for execution as well as for new development of new test case like databean, data-providers, custom-components etc...

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