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Why are my embedded style rules working on Github and Dreamweaver but not my school's server?

My assignment was to make a website using Dreamweaver with three pages: leftnav.html, rightnav.html, and colorchange.html. The base is leftnav with a left orientated navigation bar, rightnav is the same except the nav is on the right, and colorchange is the same except that the header and footer image is different.

I styled each page with a .css stylesheet and embedded styles. All of those style rules were applied across the board to each .html and are functioning well when I open them on Dreamweaver CC or github. However, my embedded styles are not working when I upload them to my university's server using WinSCP. I've used WinSCP for the duration of this class and haven't had any issues before.

All the files are up to date and are equivalent to the files in Dreamweaver and on Github, so the code itself shouldn't be a problem. Just in case, here are the embedded style rules from changecolor.html:

<link href="project7.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<style type="text/css">
#banner, #footer {
background-image: url(beigebg.jpg);
#content {
border-left: 250px solid #F0E1BA;

If anyone could give me something to try, or if you need more info to get an idea of what's going on, please let me know. Thanks!

Answer Source

The beige is actually coming from "colorchange.html" as seen in the style sidebar

If you want the green color, you can either increase specificity, use background-image: url(...) !important or figure out how that additional colorchange.html is being included

If you want the beige color, you can add the style to project7.css or figure out how to include colorchange.html

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