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PHP modules don't load after installing PHP 7 to my server

I installed PHP 7 to my server (as a result, I have not /etc/php5 and /etc/php/7.0). When I run my web app, I cant see any of my previous CURL (or fork).

at first I got this err msg:

Message: Call to undefined function curl_init()

and after installing php7-curl i get it enabled - approved on info() function and this test code:

function _isCurl(){
return function_exists('curl_version');

returning TRUE.

but when having an actual CURL in my code I get this error:

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library
'/usr/lib/php/20151012/php_curl.dll' -
/usr/lib/php/20151012/php_curl.dll: cannot open shared object file: No
such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

i have only
files which doesn't make scence. (same goes for the
folder). So what is it trying to get and why from there?

how can I configure my new php.ini file to get the previous model settings? (if possible with the enabled PCNTL_FORK too) How can I make it work with curl? what the hell happened???

EDIT 04.05.2016:

Ok, i decided to change it to
and now got this msg
PHP Warning: Module 'curl' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
and then I disabled it, and somehow, curl now is working (commented curl
What the hell.

Answer Source

running apt-get dist-upgrade fixed all the problems :)

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