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After ASyncTask.execute() do x() from Activity

This is one I'm not sure how to go about.
Basically I have an ASyncTask class thats doing its business as usual in the background. I'd like to do something after its finished. Now before you jump ahead and say "just use onPostExecute()", theres a catch. The method I need run is in the activity and not the Task class.

The way I see it, I have 2 options.


CustomTask task = new CustomTask();
//when(task.execute is finished)

I hope I can do it this way as Its so simple and lets me check when the task is completed without having to constantly poll it for activity and getStatus() on the activity.
I don't think I'll get this lucky but If anyone has a way of doing it, that'd be great


Pass the activity as a paramater to the ASyncTask. This is messy and I'm not happy about using it but asides from that and the object reference, I don't know if it will work

CustomTask task = new CustomTask();

Then in the Tasks onPostExecute, I can just have it call the MyActivity.doX();


A third way would be to make the asynctask a private class in the activity itself but i really would like to keep it separate. Resusability and what not –

Any thoughts on this?

To summarize, Need to doX() after task.execute is finished. Any ideas appreciated.


Ok I know I'm on a roll here. I keep thinking up new solutions. A class method or static method that can be called from any where.

public class ProfileSettings extends Activity
public static void doX()

From AsyncTask


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Option B should work and is sometimes a good option, but sometimes I use anonymous classes for this. When you call it from your activity:

CustomTask task = new CustomTask() {
    protected void onPostExecute(Long result) {
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