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What is the best way to convert an IEnumerator to a generic IEnumerator?

I am writing a custom ConfigurationElementCollection for a custom ConfigurationHandler in C#.NET 3.5 and I am wanting to expose the IEnumerator as a generic IEnumerator.

What would be the best way to achieve this?

I am currently using the code:

public new IEnumerator<GenericObject> GetEnumerator()
var list = new List();
var baseEnum = base.GetEnumerator();
var obj = baseEnum.Current as GenericObject;
if (obj != null)
return list.GetEnumerator();


Answer Source

I don't believe there's anything in the framework, but you could easily write one:

IEnumerator<T> Cast<T>(IEnumerator iterator)
    while (iterator.MoveNext())
        yield return (T) iterator.Current;

It's tempting to just call Enumerable.Cast<T> from LINQ and then call GetEnumerator() on the result - but if your class already implements IEnumerable<T> and T is a value type, that acts as a no-op, so the GetEnumerator() call recurses and throws a StackOverflowException. It's safe to use return foo.Cast<T>.GetEnumerator(); when foo is definitely a different object (which doesn't delegate back to this one) but otherwise, you're probably best off using the code above.

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