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Javascript Question

Hello.js google credential not showing

I am trying to use hello.js plugin to connect with Facebook and google.

my code is as follow

<div id="profile"></div>
hello.on('auth.login', function(auth){
// call user information, for the given network
hello( ).api( '/me' ).then( function(r){
// Inject it into the container
var label = document.getElementById( "profile_"+ );
label = document.createElement('div'); = "profile_";
label.innerHTML = 'Your Network '+ +' has <img src="'+ r.thumbnail +'" /> Hey '' your ID is '' And EMail ';

facebook : 'xxxxxx',
google : '',
twitter : 'xxxxxxx'

SO I am trying to print some details like name, id and email.

In the result I can see Email for facebook, but for google email is not coming.

Can any one tell me if I need to change something in the call for google.

Also Twitter login is not working here. I am confused what credentials to provide for twitter.

Thanks in Advance

Answer Source

So I got the solution

Its here


Basically we will have to call the plugin like this. With the scope next to redirect URL

        // {provider:key,..}                       


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