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Swift Question

SQLITE_TRANSIENT undefined in Swift

I'm using xcode 6 and I've imported

. I've also added the
file witch imports sqlite3.h

I can open SQLite database and do simple operations like insert select...

if (sqlite3_bind_text(compiledStatement, 2, Name.cStringUsingEncoding(NSUTF8StringEncoding), -1, SQLITE_TRANSIENT) != SQLITE_OK)

I have an error:
Use of unresolved identifier 'SQLITE_TRANSIENT'

What show I do? I'm new in Swift, it's my first question on Stack, pls somebody help me!

Answer Source

The definitions

#define SQLITE_STATIC      ((sqlite3_destructor_type)0)
#define SQLITE_TRANSIENT   ((sqlite3_destructor_type)-1)

from <sqlite3.h> are not imported to Swift, probably due to the "unsafe" pointer casting.

A possible Swift definition is shown in the SQLite.swift project, in Statement.swift:

let SQLITE_STATIC = sqlite3_destructor_type(COpaquePointer(bitPattern: 0))
let SQLITE_TRANSIENT = sqlite3_destructor_type(COpaquePointer(bitPattern: -1))

For Swift 2 you will need

let SQLITE_STATIC = unsafeBitCast(0, sqlite3_destructor_type.self)
let SQLITE_TRANSIENT = unsafeBitCast(-1, sqlite3_destructor_type.self)

(taken from "Helpers.swift" from the Swift 2 branch of the SQLite.swift project).

Update for Swift 3:

let SQLITE_STATIC = unsafeBitCast(0, to: sqlite3_destructor_type.self)
let SQLITE_TRANSIENT = unsafeBitCast(-1, to: sqlite3_destructor_type.self)
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