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How to run Linux Docker images on Windows Server 2016?

I have used docker for windows with linux containers on windows 10 sucessfully - but now I want to use a new shiny Windows Server 2016 for that task - but how?

I have installed the docker features using this guide:

Installing the normal docker.msi fails because the windows version ist not Windows 10.

Unfortunately, when trying to run any linux vm docker throws the error:

image operating system "linux" cannot be used on this platform.

In the docker beta I could switch between using windows containers or linux containers - but how I can do that on Server 2016= There is no tray icon or else.

Answer Source

It is now possible to run Linux containers on Windows Server 2016 although it's not as simple as running the Docker for Windows installer. Full instructions are in the following answer: Linux Docker container on Windows Server 2016

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