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Git Question

Export subtree in Git with history

I have a folder in my Git repository that I'd like to move out in to its own repository. Is it possible to move the history of that folder along with the folder?

I've previously been doing just a

git rm -r --cached subfolder/
and then
git init
on the subfolder. However, the history is not imported in to the new repository.

Answer Source

Quoting an example from git-filter-branch(1)

To rewrite the repository to look as if foodir/ has been its project root, and discard all other history:

git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter foodir -- --all

Thus you can, e.g., turn a library subdirectory into a repository of its own. Note the -- that separates filter-branch options from revision options, and the --all to rewrite all branches and tags.

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