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Bower - Give different path to a registered package

I have my own cloned git repository.
(I'll use cloned jquery to simplify)

I want to be able to link a Registered package name to a given path so I could do this:

"jquery": "1.0.0"

I know it is possible to just give the path, i.e

bower install myJqueryPath

OR, add to dependencies on bower.json

"jquery": "myJqueryPath"

But again, these solutions are not what i'm looking for.
I want to let bower know not to install jquery (or any other package) from github. But to install to it from a given repository.

Thanks :)

(I know it is possible, i don't know how)

Answer Source

Ok, after further review, the secret lies in the .bowerrc file.
The .bowerrc file has a field called registry which is responsible for telling bower:

My man, go look for packages in the following link:

It's supposed to look something like this:

     "registry": {
        "search": [

This tells bower to go search for packages in some kind of a copy to bower's default repository. (jquery example).

Now, when bower knows to go look for packages in my path instead of it's default path I can finally use:

bower install jquery

and, as wanted, it will install it from my path.
plus, I can add bower's defualt repository as my second option.

small note:
"registry": "http://localhost:8080/" is also fine.

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