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Umbraco how to use image property id to get URL

Ok am am very new to Umbraco/C# and what I am trying to do is loop through a custom media type to build banners for the home page of my application and the @bannerUrl always returns the images property id and not the file path to the resource. How would you go about retrieving the image file path from a custom media type created in Umbraco.

See code for example:

var mediaFolder = Umbraco.Media(mediaFolderId);
var banners = mediaFolder.Children();

foreach (var banner in banners)
var bannerUrl = banner.image;

<div style="background-image:url(@bannerUrl);"></div>


The variable
always returns the image id by default and not the file path for the URL. How can I get the file path working? When inspecting the contents of the banner object in the debugger in VS I notice of the Url property has the following error:

Url = 'banner.Url' threw an exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException'

You would of though I could use something along the .Url lines but that dose not seem to work, so any suggestions how I would go about getting the URL the image property in Umbraco using the Dynamic way.


Answer Source

Solutioin if anyone happens to stumbles upon this:

 var bannerId = Umbraco.Media(banner.image); //banner.image is the property id.
 var bannerUrl = bannerId.Url;
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