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Problems with python + json vs. curl

so when I run the python code the server (google) give me a different response than when I run curl command. Can someone tell me where I'm wrong please?


import urllib2, simplejson

def MapsWIFI(card):
req = urllib2.Request("https://www.googleapis.com/geolocation/v1/geolocate?key=AI...")
jWifi = """
"wifiAccessPoints": [
"macAddress": "64:D1:A3:0A:11:65",
"channel": 6,
... #some AP here
print jWifi
req.add_header("Content-Type", "application/json")
jWifiReport = urllib2.urlopen(req,simplejson.dumps(jWifi)).read()
print jWifiReport
APdetected = str(len(wifiCell))
mapsDict = simplejson.loads(jWifiReport)
location = str(mapsDict.get("location",{}))[1:-1]
accuracy = "Accuracy: "+str(mapsDict.get("accuracy",{}))[1:-1]
mapMe = "|---"+location.split(",")[0]+"\n|---"+location.split(",")[1][1:]+"\n|---$
return mapMe


And the command is:

curl -d @file2.json -H "Content-Type: application/json" -i "https://www.googleapis.com/geolocation/v1/geolocate?key=AI..."

where file2.json contains exactly jWifi in that format.
The problem is that, as said, the location returned by the code is different from the location returned by curl. I don't get error code so I thing that the syntax is correct.

Answer Source

The data is already a JSON encoded string, you don't want to encode it twice.

Pass it in without encoding it again:

jWifiReport = urllib2.urlopen(req, jWifi).read()

You only need to encode if you have a Python data structure (a dictionary in this case).

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