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Javascript Question

jQuery select2 show optgroup label when selected

I am using the jQuery plugin Select2

If I have a multiselect with the following structure:

<select name="search-term[]" multiple="multiple">
<optgroup label="Categories">
<option value="category_4">Internal</option>
<option value="category_2">Business</option>
<option value="category_5">External</option>
<option value="category_1">Science</option>
<option value="category_6">Sports and Social</option>
<optgroup label="Event Types">
<option value="eventtype_2">Meeting</option>
<option value="eventtype_3">Social Activity</option>
<option value="eventtype_4">Sporting Activity</option>
<option value="eventtype_1">Symposium</option>
<optgroup label="Locations">
<option value="location_2">Office 1</option>
<option value="location_3">Office 2</option>
<option value="location_1">Office 3</option>

If I select "Office 1" under the optgroup labelled Locations then the label on the selected option says "Office 1"

Is there a way to change this so that it shows the optgroup label as well so the label on the selection option would say "Location: Office 1".

See the following image for the label I am referring to:

enter image description here

Answer Source

I sorted it in the end using the templateSelection option like so:

    templateSelection: function(item)
        value =;
        select_name =;

        optgroup_label = $('select[name="'+ select_name +'"] option[value="'+ value +'"]').parent('optgroup').prop('label');

        if(typeof optgroup_label != 'undefined') {
            return optgroup_label+': ' + item.text;
        } else {
            return item.text;
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