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How do I tell which version of Xcode/which SDK built an xcarchive?

I have

for the various releases of my product, but I haven't been keeping track of which version of Xcode I built them with and with which SDK. How can I check?

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When you build an executable with Xcode, it includes extra keys in the application's Info.plist (not the xcarchive's):

DTPlatformBuild: 13C75
DTPlatformName: iphoneos
DTPlatformVersion: 9.2
DTSDKBuild: 13C75
DTSDKName: iphoneos9.2
DTXcode: 0720
DTXcodeBuild: 7C68

DTXcode and DTXcodeBuild describe which version of Xcode was used to build the executable (and thus the archive). DTSDKName and DTSDKBuild describe the SDK used for the executable itself. The other information may be valuable to you, too.

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