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IntelliJ IDEA 13: new Scala SBT project hasn't src directory structure generated

I followed the getting start video on Jetbrains website to setup IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 Community Edition to work with Scala. Scala plugin v0.36.431 had been installed. While I created a new Scala SBT project with wizard, there was no

directory structure generated in the project. Only two sbt files were generated:

├── build.sbt
└── project
└── plugins.sbt

From the video and other document I know that there should be a
directory structure, including
, etc. sbt uses the same directory structure as Maven for source files by default.

I can create those folders manually and mark it as source root. However it is trivial. So my question is: Why IntelliJ IDEA new project wizard doesn't generate the directory structure as said in document? Was I doing something wrong? I checked the preferences and couldn't find anything that seems related.

Answer Source

Thanks to lpiepiora, with his hint I find out the reason.

Because my sbt is newly installed, there is nothing in ~/.ivy2/cache/ and ~/.sbt/boot/. sbt needed to download required dependencies from repositories on network. It happened that my proxy to internet had something wrong, download stuck.

And also need to notice that, if quit IntelliJ IDEA when sbt is running in background, the next time you'll get error of waiting for some lock file. Have to remove the lock file on filesystem and restart IntelliJ IDEA again.

After fixed the network problem, everything work as promised. It requires several minutes, depends on network speed, to download required jar files. After finished, the src/ directory structure is created.

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