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Git Question

git rebase -i a branch onto itself

I had the following in my repo

Next-->Commit A.1,Commit A.2,Commit A.3 --......

I want to fix-up the A.* commits into one commit describing the feature A.
I tried
git rebase -i origin next
, but that didn't work how I expected.
Is there any way of accomplishing this?

I thought of creating a branch foo, which is essentially next, and then rebase next onto foo followed by merge/delete foo. However, this seems sloppy.

Answer Source

You just need to do:

git rebase -i <COMMIT-ISH>

... where <COMMIT-ISH> is some way of referring to the commit marked Master in your diagram. If there's a branch pointing to that point (probably master or origin/master) then git log --decorate will show that.

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