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python Combining items in a list of lists based on contents

I have a list of lists which will have a different amount of lists each time depending on other conditions. Each of the list contains 4 items. I want to say if elements 1,2,3 of two of the inner lists are the same, add element 0 and delete the duplicates. The list looks something like this:

[4, 'blue', 'round', None],
[6, 'blue', 'round', None],
[8, 'red', 'round', None],
[10, 'red', 'round', None],
[8, 'red', 'square', None],

I think making a new list might help but am not sure. I need the end product to be:

[10, 'blue', 'round', None],
[18, 'red', 'round', None],
[8, 'red', 'square', None],

The amount of different lists inside the list will always be different. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Roughly speaking, all you are doing is associating element 0 with a tuple defined as the last three elements of any given list. Luckily, it's perfectly okay for a tuple to be a key of a dictionary!

from collections import OrderedDict
color_data = [[4,'blue','round','none'], [6,'blue','round','none'], [8,'red','round','none'], [10,'red','round','none'], [8,'red','square','none']]
data = OrderedDict()
for x in color_data:
    key = tuple(x[1:])
    value = data.setdefault(key, 0) + x[0]
    data[key] = value
color_data = [ [ value] + list(key) for key, value in data.items() ]
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