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Using KNSemiModalViewController in Swift

I want a TableView in my App like the Maps-App in iOS 10. Im not really sure how i should do this. My idea was to use the Pod of the KNSemiModalViewController (

Take a look at the example show's me that i should only import the Class

import KNSemiModalViewController_hons82

and write this line's? But how should this code look like in Swift?

[self presentSemiViewController:modalVC withOptions:@{
KNSemiModalOptionKeys.pushParentBack : @(NO),
KNSemiModalOptionKeys.parentAlpha : @(0.8)

Or is there a other opportunity to get a view like the iOS 10 Maps-App?

Answer Source

Ok, it's really simple.

import KNSemiModalViewController_hons82

After the Import you just need the following lines of code to open the view called by button click, for example.

let modalView = UIStoryboard(name: "SemiModalView", bundle:

self.presentSemiViewController(modalView, withOptions:

In the called VC you can use

self.view.frame = CGRectMake(0, 0, self.view.frame.width, (self.view.frame.height * 0.5))

in the viewDidLoad() Methode to set the size of the SemiModalView.
You can also add a button or something else to dismiss the SemiModalView with the following line. self.dismissSemiModalView()

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