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Javascript Question

How to convert HTML page to plain text in node.js?

I know this has been asked before but I can't find a good answer for node.js

I need server-side to extract the plain text (no tags, script, etc.) from an HTML page that is fetched.

I know how to do it client-side with jQuery (get the .text() contents of the body tag), but do not know how to do this on the server side.

I've tried but this doesn't handle scripts.

var htmlToText = require('html-to-text');
var request = require('request');
request.get(url, function (error, result) {
var text = htmlToText.fromString(result.body, {
wordwrap: 130

I've tried phantom.js but can't find a way to just get plain text.

Answer Source

Use jsdom and jQuery (server-side).

With jQuery you can delete all scripts, styles, templates and the like and then you can extract the text.


(This is not tested with jsdom and node, only in Chrome)

jQuery('body').text().replace(/\s{2,9999}/g, ' ')
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