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Linux Question

When dotnet tool won't start up (failed to initialize) what environment variable do I set to get more verbose information?

I know I've read on a blog somewhere or other that you can set some environment variable to give you more information when you have a crash at startup invoking the

tool (asp.net core dotnet command line tool).

I'm using
1.0.0 rtm on an OpenSuSE linux system and it's crashing like this:

> dotnet version
Failed to initialize CoreCLR, HRESULT: 0x80131500

To get more information about why, is there some environment variable I can set to tell me why it won't start up?

I do know you can get some unix system info with
dotnet --info
but that also crashes in my case with the same failed to initialize error.

I know I can do an strace (strace dotnet version) but I think there's something BUILT IN

Answer Source

The environment variable you're looking for is COREHOST_TRACE=1.

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