Sander Sander - 1 year ago 79
Android Question

what is the range of HOUR_OF_DAY?

A simple question, but i couldn't find it:

Is the range of HOUR_OF_DAY between 0 and 23, or 1 and 24?

I want a random HOUR_OF_DAY, do I need:

int randomHour = (int) (Math.random()*24);


int randomHour = (int) (Math.random()*24+1);

Answer Source

From the documentation:

Field number for get and set indicating the hour of the day. HOUR_OF_DAY is used for the 24-hour clock. E.g., at 10:04:15.250 PM the HOUR_OF_DAY is 22.

If 10:04:15.250 PM is HOUR_OF_DAY 22, That would make the range 0 - 23. If it were 1 to 24, 10 p.m. would be 23. And that would be wrong on so many levels. :-)

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