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Git Question

git on UNC path

I have computer with Windows XP and no Internet connection, only access to network drive. I'd like to set up a git repository on the network drive and then push to it from my local repository, so I can at the end of the day go to a computer with Internet connection and push from network drive to github.

My problem is I cannot access network drive from git. I put PortableGit on the network drive, but git-bash.bat and git-cmd.bat die with "CMD does not support UNC paths as current directories.". I tried replacing "cd" with "pushd" in git-cmd.bat, but it doesn't work.

BTW, I use PortableGit since I don't have admin permissions on my machine.

Any ideas?

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Just use the UNC path - git doesn't care what cmd can and cannot do.

Old answer: Bind the UNC path to a drive letter (or use a directory symlink).

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