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TypeScript Question

Typescript 2: how to add to existing interface or type?


typescript 2
, the
object is of type
-- an interface.

My code makes use of
, a class accessible via the
object that typescript does not know about:

let offlineCtx = new window.OfflineAudioContext(2,44100*40,44100);
//TS Error: Property 'OfflineAudioContext' does not exist on type 'Window'

The code is transpiled and runs without problem, but I would like to get rid of this error. Is it possible to add to the
type in a custom
or to solve my issue some other way?

Answer Source

You can add declarations to existing types, that's covered in the Declaration Merging part of the docs.

In your case you can do:

type OfflineAudioContextConstructor {
    new (num1: number, num2: number, num3: number): OfflineAudioContext;

interface Window {
    OfflineAudioContext: OfflineAudioContextConstructor;
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