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Can Mockito verify an argument has certain properties/fields?

Say I am mocking this class


class Foo {
public void doThing(Bar bar) {
// ...

and this is

class Bar {
private int i;
public int getI() { return i; }
public void setI(int i) { this.i = i; }

I know I can use Mockito's verify functionality to see if
was called on the mock with a specific instance of
or any
, but is there some way to ensure it was called by any
but with a specific value for

What I know is possible:

Foo mockedFoo = mock(Foo.class);
Bar someBar = mock(Bar.class);

What I want to know is if there is a way to verify that a
with particular things true about it was passed as an argument.

Answer Source

I found the answer while writing the question.

Yes, you can. Instead of using any(Bar.class) you'll need to implement your own instance of ArgumentMatcher<T> and use Mockito#argThat(Matcher), for example, say we want to check that i is 5...

// in the test (could also be outside)

private static final class BarIs5 extends ArgumentMatcher<Bar> {

  public boolean matches(Object argument) {
    return ((Bar) argument).getI() == 5;

Then verify like so: verify(mockedFoo).doThing(argThat(new BarIs5()));

Kick it up a notch by adding constructor parameters!

private static final class BarIsWhat extends ArgumentMatcher<Bar> {

  private final int i;

  public BarIsWhat(int i) {
    this.i = i

  public boolean matches(Object argument) {
    return ((Bar) argument).getI() == i;

Then verify like so: verify(mockedFoo).doThing(argThat(new BarIsWhat(5)));

Update: This popped in my queue because of an upvote and saw some room for improvement.

I haven't tried this but it should work. You should be able to use a lambda expression which is a lot cleaner.

verify(mockedFoo).doThing(argThat( arg -> ((Bar) arg).getI() == 5 ));

I am not sure if Bar arg -> arg.getI() == 5 will work, because it looks like the ArgumentMatcher<T>#matches took an Object, not T. I can't be sure because those old links are now dead (R.I.P. Google Code) and I don't feel like looking it up. It will take you less time to try it than for me to look it up. Feel free to edit this paragraph out and change the above if you wish to do the research.

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