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Difficulty running method from different Class

I am making a simple program that sets the title and name of an object:

. Eventually, the goal is to have several books under the
class that will use the
class to assign values. However, I am running into difficulty simply getting the
class to acknowledge the
class methods.

Basic Tester/Main method:

import java.util.Scanner;

public class ProjectFiveSix {

public static void main(String[] args) {

String title = "Bob";
String name = "Hugo"; // name of patron (class assigning book)
String author = "Rodrigo";

Patron patronOne = new Patron();

Patron Class :

public class Patron {

private String name;
private Book book1;
private Book book2;
private Book book3;

public Patron(){
name = "";
book1 = null;
book2 = null;
book3 = null;
public String setName(String name){
return name;
public String borrowBook(String book1, String titleFinal, String authorFinal, String title, String author){
if (book1 == null){
book1.setTitle(titleFinal); //**
book1.setAuthor(authorFinal); //***

Book Class:

public class Book {

private String titleFinal;
private String authorFinal;

public Book(){
titleFinal = "";
authorFinal = "";

public String setTitle(String title){
titleFinal = title;
return titleFinal;
public String setAuthor(String author){
authorFinal = author;
return authorFinal;


Here I am getting "Cannot find Symbol" on both lines
. The book has been instantiated and I cannot figure out the problem.

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

You declared your parameter book1 (a String) as the same name as your instance variable book1 (a Book). To reference the instance variable, either name the parameter a different variable name, or use this. to specify the instance variable:

this.book1.setTitle(titleFinal);    //**
this.book1.setAuthor(authorFinal);  //***

Either way, you'll need to create an actual Book instance, or else your instance variable book1 will remain null and you'll get a NullPointerException.

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