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Compare dataset or a better idea

How do I compare values of one data set from another.

1st dataset ["proper records"] is coming from SQL Server with column names

[id], [subsNumber]

2nd dataset ["proper and inproper records"] is coming from progress database, with different columns except 1 which is

How do I go and make another dataset which has all the
from ["proper records"] with matching records from 2nd datset ["proper inproper records"] ?


delete all the records in 2nd dataset["proper and inproper records"] which don't match the "subsNumber" column in the 1st dataset

or any other idea

basically How do I get all records from 2nd dataset which has same "subsNumber" as the 1st dataset

Answer Source

I solved the problem:

1st dataset--> loop throuhg and get the subsNumber

Call function and pass subsNumber and 2nd dataset--> to it Then start another loop for new dataset

Continue if subsnumber don't match If subsNumber match work on that data like add columns to sqlserver table etc.


 foreach (DataRow row in ecommDS.Tables["EcommData"].Rows)
     //string statCode = ""
     string prdCode = ""; //declaring var for getting string format from ecomm
     string checking = "";
     prdCode = row["PRD-CDE"].ToString();
     checking = row["SUBS-NUM"].ToString();

     if(checking != subsNum)
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