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How to add Idea module to dependencies for gradle

I've a gradle module called "Service" and module called ProtocolLibrary, generated by Idea. How can I add library module to my main module?

I have tryed to simply add source dir to project:

main {
java.srcDirs = ['src/main/java', '../ProtocolLibrary/src']
resources.srcDirs = ['src/main/resources']

But it doen't work:

Error:Can't register given path of type 'SOURCE' because it's out of content root.

Answer Source

If you wish to combine two separate gradle projects together, then you should look at gradle multi-project builds. You will need to create a root project, which will include both your modules as subprojects and in that case, you can simply use one project as the dependency of another, like:

//service project dependencies
dependencies {
    compile project(':ProtocolLibrary')

After doing this, there is no reason to include sources from one project into another.

The second approach is to use the artifact, generated by ProtocolLibrary. You can make a dependency in Service project specifying the jar in filesystem, or your ProtocolLibrary could be published in your maven repo and be used as usual dependency.

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