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Is it bad practice to declare a class's ctor 'final' in PHP?

If I have a parent class that is extended by lots and lots of other classes, and I want to make sure the parent class's constructor is ALWAYS run, is it a bad idea to declare the constructor


I was thinking of doing something like this:

class ParentClass {

public final function __construct() {

//parent class initialization...



protected function init() {

echo 'constructing<br>';



class ChildClass extends ParentClass {

protected function init() {

//child class initialization

echo 'constructing child<br>';



that way the child class can have a sort-of constructor, and the parent class's constructor will always execute. Is this bad practice?

Answer Source

Declaring a final __construct ensures that no one who extends your class can implement a method with the same name. On the surface of it, this would seem like it would mean no one else can declare a constructor for sub-classes of this class, but this is not true, since the PHP 4 style of ClassName() still works just fine as an alternate name for the constructor. So really, declaring a constructor as final gets you nothing in PHP.

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