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Merge and Maintain Node module with an unmerged pull request

I have this library that I would like to use:

But as it stands it has not been updated and is no longer working with RN 0.30. A user has submitted a pull request but the owner has to merge it. How can I grab this pull request into my node_modules?

EDIT: To those saying that this is a duplicate of How can I fetch an unmerged pull request for a branch I don't own?, I'm mostly wondering what's the best way to do this and maintain the project with it being in node_modules

Answer Source

react-native-image-carousell is MIT licensed so just publish your own version of it to the npm registry

  • fork the react-native-image-carousell repo
  • merge the outstanding pull request
  • publish your own version to the npm registry
  • npm install my-own-react-native-image-carousel
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