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Java Question

What is the shortest way to pretty print a org.w3c.dom.Document to stdout?

What is the easiest way to pretty print (a.k.a. formatted) a

to stdout?

Answer Source

Call printDocument(doc, System.out), where that method looks like this:

public static void printDocument(Document doc, OutputStream out) throws IOException, TransformerException {
    TransformerFactory tf = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
    Transformer transformer = tf.newTransformer();
    transformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.OMIT_XML_DECLARATION, "no");
    transformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.METHOD, "xml");
    transformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.INDENT, "yes");
    transformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.ENCODING, "UTF-8");
    transformer.setOutputProperty("{}indent-amount", "4");

    transformer.transform(new DOMSource(doc), 
         new StreamResult(new OutputStreamWriter(out, "UTF-8")));

(The indent-amount is optional, and might not work with your particular configuration)

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