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How to integer-divide round negative numbers *down*?

Seems like whenever I divide a negative int by a positive int, I need it to round down (toward -inf), not toward 0. But both C# and C++ round toward 0.

So I guess I need a DivideDownward() method. I can write it in a few lines with a test for negative and so on, but my ideas seem klugey. So I'm wondering if I'm missing something and if you have an "elegant" way to round negative division downward.

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WARNING: this post produces incorrect results for input with a=-1. Please see other answers. -Cam


This is probably what you meant by 'kludgey', but it's what I came up with ;)

int divideDown(int a, int b){
    int r=a/b;
    if (r<0 && r*b!=a)
        return r-1;
    return r;

In the if statement, I put r<0 - however I'm not sure if that's what you want. You may wish to change the if statement to

if (a<0 && b>0)

which would be consistent with your description "Seems like whenever I divide a negative int by a positive int ".

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