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Boost serialization does not work between 32bit and 64bit machine. Any other serialization / compression library?

I am trying to use the boost library to serialize on 64bit machine and de-serialize on 32bit machine. However, it seems it does not work. (I use 1.57.0).

If I run the following code

boost::asio::streambuf buf;
std::ostream os(&buf);
boost::archive::binary_oarchive oa(os);
printf("Buffer size %d\n",(int)buf.size());

The output of 32bit machine is 37 and the output of 64bit machine is 41.

Is there any other good serialize library I can Use?
How about cereal?

It's great if the library can do compression as well (zlib/gzip etc.).

Answer Source

It does work. It just doesn't create compatible archives. If you want that you should look at the archive implementation that EOS made:

You can drop-in replace Boost's binary_[io]archive with it. No need to change anything else.

PS. Of course, spell out your types in an architecture-independent way too, of course. So uint32_t, not ``size_t`

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