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ASP.NET (C#) Question

SSRS 2016 Report Viewer V13 Toolbar Icons not displaying

When i was looking solution for the problem, i saw a topic on microsoft forums. The same question is asked by a user and i want to quote that question:

The Report Viewer control is not rendering the toolbar correctly.

I'm following the instruction Getting started with the ReportViewer
2016 control at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt764770.aspx
and am able to run reports from my application, however there are
issues with the Report Toolbar.

  1. I'm not seeing the toolbar icons, even though the hyperlinks are active.

  2. When I open the Export dropdown the background is transparent and difficult to read.

  3. Report parameter dropdowns appear as textboxes, yet when I click them they act like dropdowns.

Attached is an image showing the toolbar as it is rendering in my

enter image description here

Answer Source

Are you using the control in a master/child page? There is a known issue with the current Report Viewer Control RC - https://github.com/Microsoft/Reporting-Services/blob/master/Docs/Get-Started-With-RVC.md#known-issues

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