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Pygal Maps World Not Working

I am trying to create a simple program so as to display the map of central America with their population using Pygal_maps_world.Here's the code for the same

import pygal_maps_world as pa


wm.title="Map of Central America"
wm.add('North America',{'cd': 84949494949,'mx': 494794164,'us': 99794616})


I have tried a few combinations regarding the importing of the World maps to work properly but to no avail and i am not able to create the visualization.

Help me solve this query of mine


Answer Source

In the recent versions of pygal, you start with the first four lines of this code:

from pygal.maps.world import World

wm = World()
wm.force_uri_protocol = 'http'

wm.title="Map of Central America"
wm.add('North America',{'ca': 84949494949,'mx': 494794164,'us': 99794616})


When I use those first four lines and the rest of your code, your code runs and it highlights the United States and Mexico, but it highlights the Democratic Republic of the Congo rather than Canada. Change the country code to 'ca' for Canada! This then, of course, now shows North America rather than central America, so either change your title or change your country codes.

enter image description here

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