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Javascript Question

Converting Array of Objects into Array of Arrays

There is a condition where i need to convert Array of objects into Array of Arrays.

Example :-

arrayTest = arrayTest[10 objects inside this array]

single object has multiple properties which I add dynamically so I don't know the property name.

Now I want to convert this Array of objects into Array of Arrays.

P.S. If I know the property name of object then I am able to convert it. But i want to do

Example (If I know the property name(firstName and lastName are property name))

var outputData = [];
for(var i = 0; i < inputData.length; i++) {
var input = inputData[i];
outputData.push([input.firstName, input.lastName]);

Answer Source

Try this:

var output = {
  return Object.keys(obj).sort().map(function(key) { 
    return obj[key];
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