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Python Question

What is the specific name of this output?

I have made a function named 'function' as below.

>>> def function():
return 'hello world'

>>> function
<function function at 0x7fac99db3048> #this is the output

What is this output exactly? It's specific name? And it's significance?
I know it gives info about memory location. But I need more information about this output.

Do the higher-order function return similar data while they are returning function?


In python function is an object and thus when you call function it returns you the memory address. The higher-order functions behave the same way. However there some differences:

a = def():
    print("Hello, World!")

b = def():
    return a

>>> a
<function a at 0x7f8bd15ce668>
>>> b
<function b at 0x7f8bd15ce6e0>

c = b

<function b at 0x7f8bd15ce6e0>

c = b()
<function a at 0x7f8bd15ce668>

Note what the function c returns in different situations.