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Apache Configuration Question

file does not exist c:/wamp/www/favicon.ico in apache error_log

There are always the log showing: file does not exist c:/wamp/www/favicon.ico in apache error_log. I used wampserver, why?

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This happens because (almost every) browser searches for a favicon by default. If the accessed page don't inform a valid URL for it, Apache uses the root directory.

You have two choices. You can create a website icon for each of your websites, or you tell Apache not to log that event as an error message.

If you choose the second option, add the following code to each VirtualHost, or at least the ones which don’t have a favicon file:

Redirect 404 /favicon.ico
<Location /favicon.ico>
   ErrorDocument 404 "No favicon"

Or, you create an empty file with the name “favicon.ico” in the directory root of Apache (for exemple /var/www/ , but no favicon will be shown by the browsers for your site).

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