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Node.js Question

`gulp build` for semantic ui is giving error 'ENOENT: no such file or directory'



I have installed
npm install
and given default settings during interactive setup process.

But when i do
gulp build
from the
folder i am getting following error:

[20:52:27] Starting 'build'...
Building Semantic
[20:52:27] Starting 'build-javascript'...
Building Javascript
[20:52:27] Starting 'build-css'...
Building CSS
[20:52:27] Starting 'build-assets'...
Building assets
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/site.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/site.min.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/form.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/form.min.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/accordion.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/accordion.min.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/checkbox.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/dimmer.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/checkbox.min.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/dimmer.min.js
[20:52:28] Created: dist/components/dropdown.js
[20:52:29] Created: dist/components/embed.js
[20:52:29] Created: dist/components/dropdown.min.js
[20:52:29] Created: dist/components/reset.css
[20:52:29] Created: dist/components/reset.min.css
[20:52:29] Created: dist/components/modal.js
[20:52:29] Created: dist/components/embed.min.js
[20:52:29] Created: dist/components/modal.min.js

Later this error throws up

[20:52:31] Starting 'package uncompressed js'...
[20:52:31] Finished 'build-javascript' after 4.23 s
[20:52:31] Created: dist/components/container.min.css
[20:52:31] Created: dist/components/container.css
return binding.lstat(pathModule._makeLong(path));

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat '/Users/venkat299/code/harvest_api/harvest_server/semantic/dist/components/semantic.min.js'

Answer Source

There is an issue with gulp-header 1.8.3 causing this.

Add "gulp-header": "1.8.2" directly to your package.json and you should be fine.

Remove the ^ from the version number if it's already there, it pushes you up to the next minor version, which will cause the problem.

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